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Winvesta and its partners are regulated by the FCA and the SEC

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Under the liberalized remittance scheme (LRS), Indian residents can legally remit and invest up to USD 250,000 per person per year. Winvesta allows you to diversify your global investment portfolio beyond just US stocks by enabling you to utilize multi-currency deposit accounts. Think of it like your international 3-in-1 account, where you can invest in alternate assets like foreign real estate and startups by utilizing the international currency account.

Invest in US Share Market

Get access to one of the largest and most active stock market of the world and start investing in your favored companies today.

  • Invest as little as $1 in any stock through fractional shares

  • Explore stocks by popularity, or by sector and discover new opportunuties

  • Get live marrket quotes and trade in real time

  • Invest in pre-built portfolios and themes

International Multi-Currency Account

Build a global investment portfolio with an international multi-currency account. The international account helps you to:

  • Build assets in currencies that match future liabilities

  • Invest in international real estate and startups

  • Recieve and reinvest profits from existing and new assets

  • Save and pay for college education

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Winvesta is founded and managed by a team of professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in global financial markets.
We know what it takes to build a secure & compliant platform that you can trust.Winvesta and its partners are registered and regulated with the FCA in UK, and FINRA and SEC in the US.

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  • $1 per trade after free trades

  • Fractional Shares – Invest as little as $1 in any share

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International multi-currency account is optional and will
be priced separately

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What documents are required to open an account and invest?

You will need your PAN card and Aadhaar card to open an account. You will be able to scan these from the app during the registration process. You may take a picture of the soft copy of the documents if you don’t have physical documents available.

To use other ID/address documents, you may contact support when you are at the ID verification step, and we can collect alternate documents through other secure methods.


Is there a minimum amount that I need to invest or hold?

There is currently a $5 minimum cash balance requirement in the brokerage account to cover fees for any shares you may need to sell after the free trades.
Apart from that, there is no minimum amount that you need to start investing with.


What are fractional shares?

Fractional shares are less than one full share of equity in a company. Some stocks are priced very high which can make stock ownership in that company out of reach for many investors. Fractional shares give investors the ability to trade any fraction or dollar value in a listed company. For example, you may buy fractional shares worth $50 in Amazon or buy 0.05 shares of Netflix, which are otherwise priced much higher. You can buy or sell as little as 0.0000001 shares.

Note that you do not get voting rights on the fractional shares that you own. You will still have the voting right for each full share that you own in the same company. Dividends, however, are distributed proportional to the fraction of the share that you own, rounded down to the nearest cent.


How is Winvesta regulated?

Winvesta Ltd is an Appointed Representative of RiskSave Technologies Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with FRN 775330. FCA is the financial services regulator for the United Kingdom. FCA is one of the world’s most respected and progressive regulators.
We work with other entities globally, including those regulated by the FINRA + SEC (US regulator), the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA, that regulates banking in the UK) and the FCA.


Who owns the shares? Where are they held?

You own the shares and all your investments/accounts. The accounts are opened in your name with your credentials and belong to you. The brokerage account is held with DriveWealth – an SEC-registered and FINRA regulated broker and you may verify the ownership of your account and shares by contacting them at support@drivewealth.com. DriveWealth uses Velox Clearing/Citibank as a custodian where your shares are held in street name.


What are the tax implications for investing in US stocks?

Tax implications of investing in US stocks are actually quite straight-forward. There is no income tax on capital gains in the US for non-US Persons. You will however have to pay capital gains tax in India, which will depend on the duration of the investment (Short term capital gains tax for investments held for less than 24 months, long term capital gains otherwise). If you receive a dividend, your tax liability in the US would be a flat 25%. This tax will be withheld before you receive the dividend, which means that you will receive 75% of the dividend as cash payout.

The good news is that you will receive foreign tax credits for the US tax, which you can utilize against your tax liability in India. You will be able to download your tax documents right from the Winvesta app.


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